And its been a while…

Its been around 3 months since I have even been onto this little space of mine.  I think that this is honestly the longest absence I have had from posting an update about anything.  Truthfully, I am not sure why I haven’t been around, I am just feeling a little bit unmotivated to blog.  To tell the world something that really doesn’t have the much significance.

In London its dull and rainy again today.  I already miss the blue skies.  Its making me incredibly nostalgic for all things familiar and homeish.  Yes, I know, homeish isn’t a word but who really cares – I shall token it as a new word in my vocab going forward :)

Life has been a little busy the last couple of weeks.  7 weeks ago Jose (Shaun’s BFF) & Wendy arrived in London and it was awesome having them here with us until they found their own place which is around 12 minutes walk away from us.  Shannon, my sister-in-law arrived 6 weeks ago and stayed with us until Friday.  I can’t even tell you how hard it was to say goodbye to her at the airport.

It was amazing having her here.  I was a little worried that it would be awkward because we hadn’t ever really spent much time together before but it was truly amazing.  She is definitely more of a friend now instead of just my SIL.  I really do hope she comes back soon because London just isn’t the same without her!

Today my brother-in-law arrived and he will be staying with us for 2 weeks.

Its been a little crazy having so many people staying with us throughout the last couple of weeks but I wouldn’t change any of it because for the first time since November last year, it feels like we have a little bit of home here with us.

{Book Review} Follow You Home – Mark Edwards

I received an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Follow You Home

ISBN:   9781503944374

Author:  Mark Edwards

Publishing Date:  30 June 2015

Publisher:  Thomas & Mercer

The Blurb:

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, a final adventure before settling down.

After a perfect start, Daniel and Laura’s travels end abruptly when they are thrown off a night train in the middle of nowhere. To find their way back to civilisation, they must hike along the tracks through a forest…a haunting journey that ends in unimaginable terror.

Back in London, Daniel and Laura vow never to talk about what they saw that night. But as they try to fit back into their old lives, it becomes clear that their nightmare is just beginning…

Follow You Home is a chilling tale of secrets, lies and deadly consequences from the author of #1 bestsellers The Magpies and Because She Loves Me.

My Review:

This is the first book I have read by Mark Edwards and can I just say that he is an absolute genius?

This book is a psychological thriller and it’s absolutely bloody brilliant.  It starts off with a couple from England going on their ‘final adventure’ before settling down.  Mark Edwards has a way with his words – they pull you into the page and you want need to know more.  This book takes you on a thrilling ride from start to finish.  I swear that throughout this read my mind jumped to more conclusions than a mind reader and couldn’t wait to find out what actually, really, truly happened to Daniel and Laura once they are thrown off that train.

Based on the fact that I finished this book in 2 days, dreamt about it for one night and considered reading it throughout my day at work instead of actually working – I give this book an amazing 5 star review.  I would highly recommend that you read this one if you enjoy psychological thrillers.

You can pre-order your copy here

{Press Release} MUD’s Venetian Daydream Collection

Last year I attended the opening of the MUD (Make-Up Designory) showroom in Claremont Cape Town and absolutely fell in love with their products.  I had been lusting after them for months and couldn’t contain my excitement when I was invited to join in on their Cape Town launch.  A few days ago I caught the scent of their new Venetian Daydream Collection which forms part of their Spring/Summer look of 2015 and couldn’t resist sharing it with you…

Venetian Daydream 2

The Venetian Daydream Collection is a vibrant and fresh look for Spring featuring eye colours in Deco, Dulce de Leche, Spanish Gold and Smoked Sapphire as well as their Just Peachy lipstick.  I am probably the most excited for the lipstick because it looks absolutely beautiful and I think it would be the perfect shade for Spring.

Venetian Daydream

If you are interested in learning more about the MUD brand then you can head over to the following sites:

 Website | Facebook | Twitter

Life Lately

Life Lately

Its been a while since I did one of these Life Lately posts and I am struggling to type up this one too.  I’ve been in such a bad writing funk that I am absolutely struggling to even begin with this post.  Life has been good the past month or so, I’ve been having my ups and downs emotionally again, really missing home, my family and my friends.  We have been in London for 6 months already – I can’t believe how quickly time has passed.

We have experienced our first Winter and are now in what they call Spring which is nothing like Spring back home.  Around now we would be running around in T-Shirts and flip flops (oh, how I miss my flip flops), having picnics on the grass and enjoying the warmth that hits your bones when you sit in the sun.  At the moment, I am still wearing a sweater every single day, our thermostat is still turned up to warm up the house and as I type this, I am under a blanket.

I can say that the day has gotten so much longer.  By 6am its light out and when I put Jensen into bed around 8.30pm it’s still light out – granted the sun is setting but its been such a mission to get Jensen to accept to go to sleep.  He will shout at me that it’s still light outside and that it’s not bed time!

Jensen celebrated his 6th birthday on the 28th April.  I can’t believe that he is 6 already.  He has been obsessed with Minecraft and Skylanders so we decided to get him both games for the Xbox.  We were going to try throw him a birthday party with some kids from school but things just weren’t working out so we decided to take him to the museum (he desperately wanted to see the dinosaurs) and then the Saturday after his birthday he attended a birthday party of one of his school friends where he spent a good 3 hours running around and eating cake.  We also headed out to the Spur in Staines for him to have a bit of a treat.  We promised him that next year he will have a proper birthday party with all of his friends, lots of cake and of course presents.  We did make him a Minecraft inspired birthday cake for him to take to school on his actual birthday which he loved.  Okay fine, he loved the toys that we put onto the cake more than the actual cake!

Shaun started a new job a couple of weeks ago and is absolutely in love with it.  He loves the people and the environment and constantly reminds me about how great it is there.  They have snacks and drinks and lunch every day and he just likes to throw things like that in my face.  Truthfully though I think the best part about this new job for me is that it’s a mere 18 minute train journey from home to his office so he doesn’t spend 90 minutes each day, each way, in traffic.  He comes home and is actually excited about what he did during the day.

Me… well, the jobs going well, incredibly busy and that really doesn’t help with my blog.  Back home, in my nice cushy job, I had probably more than half a day where I wasn’t busy and had all the time in the world to blog.  I spent hours on social media, sending tweets to random people, building up relationships and researching for upcoming posts and now, I am lucky if I actually have the time to take a 30 minute lunch break.  I reckon that might just be the reason why my blogging has also fallen a bit by the wayside, I just don’t have the time.

In other areas,

I’ve been reading absolutely everything I can get my little hands on.  I spend about an hour on public transport getting too and from work so my Kindle has become my new best friend (sorry Justine :))… if you’re interested in what I am reading right now, follow my GoodReads account where you can see exactly what I am reading and what I have read!

I’ve been watching Greys Anatomy.  I hadn’t watched any episodes since leaving in November.  A few weeks ago I decided to have a GA catchup session over the weekend and I sobbed my freaking eyes out.  I can not believe the way Shonda Rhimes took this season and I absolutely broke over the last 2 episodes.  You definitely need to watch it if you haven’t.  Also, I have started watching Britain’s Got Talent and have been blown away by 2 acts so far.  Justine (the BFF) put up a post about the one dude who I reckon may be able to take the title this year.  Let me know what you think, you can see her post here.

I’ve been using and loving my Sorbet Facial Cleanser (you can see the full review over here).  I have been using my Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser along with it because it doesn’t foam up as much as my other cleanser and it’s absolutely amazing.  I don’t think my skin has ever felt as good as it does right now.

I’ve been loving a frying pan.  Yup, you guys heard me.  I am in love with a frying pan.  Now, I need to point out that when we got here we moved into a fully furnished flat and haven’t had to buy anything in terms of furniture or appliances but we were severely lacking a really good non-stick frying pan.  We picked up the Ozeri 30cm Green Earth frying pan when it was on a half price special and it is absolutely amazing.  I love that it has a textured non-stick coating which leaves your food with a gorgeous pattern but it’s also completely non-stick.  I struggle making fried eggs (because they always stick) and they just glide out of this pan.  Making pancakes is a breeze too because you just need to toss it in the air to flip it over and its done.  Making dinner has seriously become so much easier… because of a frying pan.  You can pick this guy up from Amazon.

And that’s my life in a post – probably the longest post I have done in years and it felt great writing it up once I got into it.  How has your life been lately?